EVE aggregates real-time charging and energy data and uses this information to analyze fleet drivers’ routes and charging behaviour to provide insights into cost and emissions of the EV charging process.

As an early stage startup, our North Star metric is to create real value for companies with car fleets. 

That’s why we set up a special Product Advisory Board with experts in fleet electrification from a variety of industries. The Board’s role is to keep us in check with continuous feedback on our product iterations. They play an essential role in our product roadmap, by sharing their challenges, expertise, and sometimes brutal but welcome criticism. 

If you’re interested to join EVE’s Product Advisory Board or if you’re just curious to know more about it, reach out to Oana at oana@eve-app.eu.

Product Advisory Board

Paul Mulvaney

Paul Mulvaney is an executive director at ESB Networks, Ireland’s largest energy utility company who also operates the country’s largest charging network. Paul has advised the team for over a year, as an expert in all things EV charging and energy. 

Sam Arons is Lyft’s first Director of Sustainability. He oversees the company’s strategy towards carbon neutrality, part of which is a complete switch to Zero Emission Vehicles on the platform by 2030. 

Sam Arons
Alexandru Dinca

Alex Dinca is the Global Sustainability Lead at Unilever and is responsible for their fleet electrification and sustainability strategy. Alex is supporting us with detailed feedback on our product, making sure we solve our customers’ most burning problems.

Max Hechler is the Head of New Markets & Project Management at MAINGAU Energie, working directly in the intersection of electrification and energy. With his industry expertise, he is helping us shape the product and strategy on energy sources.

Max Hechler

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