EVE empowers companies to electrify

their fleets faster and at lesser cost.

EVE is the leading e-mobility intelligence platform

EVE uses digital twin tech and optimisation algorithms to create custom electrification strategies for your commercial fleet. This leads to reduced infrastructure investment costs, improved operational efficiency, and lower carbon emissions.

EVE‘s software simulates your fleet, analysing costs, emissions, and providing ESG reporting. It then delivers improvement strategies based on your internal goals.

EVE enables organisations to make the transition to a more sustainable future and contribute to reducing emissions to achieve a net-zero economy. 





EVE‘s proprietary algorithm simulates electrification based on the current ICE fleet’s behaviour. We offer confidence ratings for vehicles and routes, helping you make informed decisions on transitioning to electric vehicles and optimising fleet efficiency.





EVE‘s software monitors and improves every aspect of charging transactions within your fleet, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive approach not only reduces EV charging costs but reduces Level 2 GHG emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible fleet.



EVE’s software monitors all emissions associated with a company’s EV fleet and automatically creates emissions reports quarterly. These quarterly updates facilitate annual and ESG reports, simplifying the process of reporting on your sustainability and emissions goals. 

Your roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

EVE is your first stop to developing a competitive and impactful sustainability strategy for your organization with a special focus on e-mobility.


Our software and data tools will assess the current state of your organization’s sustainability strategy and help you recognize gaps in comparison to your competitors.

Together, we will create a meaningful e-mobility strategy, electrify your fleets, and help you reduce your emissions, and carbon tax expenses.

Customer testimonial

“Embracing electric mobility brings challenges as opportunities for growth. It’s a paradigm shift demanding fresh perspectives, adaptability, and operational transformations. At Brisa, partnering with the EVE team has been fundamental in shaping our course towards sustainable success. Their unwavering support and dedication propel us forward on this transformative journey. Thank you for being catalysts of change.”

– Joao Miguel Alves, Head of Sustainable Mobility, Brisa Portugal

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